New Spiritual Wineskins

renewing the body through sound

New Spiritual Wineskins

Old spiritual warfare wineskins are being shaken in this new season of manifesting His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. New wineskins obtained through intimate encounters with Holy Spirit every single day, just as Jesus did, are required in order to receive Heaven’s strategies needing to be released on Earth in/through our Oneness with our Heavenly Father in the power of the Son. That which we release – our intention, our words, our emotions, our thoughts – should ALWAYS be the opposite of what is manifesting via the kingdom of darkness. Heaven’s atmosphere is comprised of only higher resonating frequencies that align our bodies, minds, souls, and spirits with balanced and optimum holistic health.

Satan and the kingdom of darkness alway operate in counterfeit twisted truths that manifest adversely through harmful frequencies. Therefore, sons and daughters of the Most High, releasing His righteous truths are eternally the stronger resonating frequencies that cause all lesser frequencies to come into alignment with the Father’s heart and will. Releasing the opposite spirit will manifest the transformation and restoration so needed in this season. Our Heavenly Father’s love in, on, over, and through us is the only frequency that dispels the hated. His perfect love alone in, on, over, and through His eternal sons on Earth casts out ALL fear and brings the needed restoration the entire Earth is groaning for to be as it is in Heaven!!!HIS goodness in, on, over, and through us is the frequency that dispels the evil. HIS peace in, on, over, and through us is the frequency that dispels the fear. HIS joy in, on, over, and through us is the frequency that dispels the anger, etc.

The atmosphere of Heaven, where we are seated in Christ, resonates with ALL the frequencies of Christ’s blood, His Word, His Spirit, His name, and ALL He purchased and has made available eternally for His sons and daughters to enter into and release in response to the intense groanings of all creation. What will distinguish us in this new season is His immeasurable loving Presence – in, on, over, and flowing through us. It’s His Presence and His frequency of love alone that will draw the multitudes to Himself, bringing immensely needed restoration to individuals, families, communities, states, and nations.

How do we encounter Him each and every day? Practice: thankfulness, praise, and awe of the Lord. Practice: engaging the new spiritual wineskin of releasing the exact opposite spirit from Heaven’s atmosphere into circumstances, conflicts, anxiety, stress, fear, etc. Practice: meditating on His Word, specifically the Psalms, Proverbs, and the New Testament if new to Scripture. Practice: worship with the infinite choices of worship songs, bands, and styles available in this technological age. Practice: Sing, dance, play an instrument, rest, respond, and use your body, mind, soul, and spirit to engage true spirit to spirit worship. Practice: put on instrumental psalming (SHOP PRODUCTS) and engage Holy Spirit while you sleep, rest, dream, relax, meditate, seek, etc.. Practice: take time to engage Holy Spirit intentionally as a spiritual being, encountering Heavenly places with the creativity, imagination, thought provoking, emotional attributes within you in Christ. Practice: most importantly, regularly encounter His immeasurable love in which He reveals His infinitely good plans and purposes specifically and intentionally destined for every single individual. Our Heavenly Father loves you and sees you through the finished and perfected work of His precious Son – eternally!

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