A Psalming Meditation During National Esther Fast

renewing the body through sound

A Psalming Meditation During National Esther Fast

Immediately upon saying ‘yes’ to a National Esther Fast this week, I was given a vision with four specific key Scriptures, four photos I had taken, and an assignment to psalm spontaneous music as intercession specific to this fast and create a video. This video, a psalming meditation, is shared below for intercession purposes at a critical juncture in our nation’s history and for such a time as this!

Four key Scriptures (Romans 2:4, Philippians 4:7, Amos 5:24, Esther 4:14) for meditation and throne room intercession set to spontaneous Holy Spirit led holistic frequency infused music. This was a Holy Spirit assignment recorded specifically for National Esther Fast intercession on July 1, 2020. Strategically releasing His lovingkindness (to dispel hate, fear, and resonate hearts and minds in alignment with the Lord), His peace (to dispel violence, unrest, and fear), and His justice (to dispel injustice on a multitude of levels) into the atmospheres of individuals, families, the Body of Christ, and into our nation. He exalts His Word above His name (Psalm 138:2) and His Word never returns void (Isaiah 55:11). Believing with the faith of Christ, that when sons and daughters are intentional and fervent in worship, praise, giving thanks, and praying without ceasing, the Restorer Himself will manifest His healing into the brokenness of the nations and advance His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Music, Photos, and Video Copyright Tammy Sorenson 2020
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