Psalming Asheville National Day Of Prayer

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Psalming Asheville National Day Of Prayer

What a powerful, interesting, and impacting day was had psalming at the Asheville National Day of Prayer! The weather forecast was originally 60-70% rain for the entire afternoon and evening. Many prayers changed the weather forecast to clear until after the event had concluded. With everything set up, Kevan and I began psalming ahead of the Asheville National Day of Prayer event, intentionally releasing the lovingkindness of the Father into the atmosphere, as that is the only thing turns hearts to Him. I am unsure as to how many minutes into our pre-event psalming we had been playing, when suddenly a powerful wind bringing pouring rain burst in at everything from the north side. It felt similar to what the disciples must have experienced when Holy Spirit suddenly came in tongues of fire and a mighty rushing wind; we received a mighty rushing wind accompanied by a manifested downpour.

Kevan and I kept playing for a few minutes while everything that had just been set up was blown all around. The wind and rain finally manifested so powerfully that we had to cease playing to cover the keyboards, speakers, sound system, etc., even though we were under a canopy, i.e. the wind and rain was penetrating forcefully from the side. Everything and everyone was instantly wet and soggy while water dripped and pooled everywhere, including amidst all of the music equipment, camera equipment, video/audio tent, sound equipment, and all of the electronics.

Those of us present proceeded to gather together and pray for wisdom on how to proceed. As we concluded our prayer, everything began to clear and we felt we felt led to proceed with everyone on the platform instead of how it had originally been set up. This all transpired at precisely the time Kevan and I were scheduled to stop playing and the scheduled event, Asheville National Day of Prayer at Park Square, was to begin. We quickly utilized our smaller keyboard sound system, rather than the larger sound system that had just been set up for the event and proceeded with the event as scheduled. All of the intercession incredibly hit the mark! We repented, stood in the gap on behalf of government, racism, business, health, children, abortion, education, media, Israel, the family/fatherlessness, military, law enforcement, the church, and so much more. It was an awesome glorious evening of coming together to bring Heaven to Earth!

If the manifestation was intended to be resistance from the kingdom of darkness, it did not shut us down and the Lord WILL have His way in Asheville, our region, state, and in this nation! If the manifestation was a sign from Heaven of Holy Spirit moving in power with refreshing rains of restoration, “Come, Lord, come!!! I actually sense it was both, along with our need to press through in the midst of adversity to see His Kingdom come and His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Abundant thanksgiving to and for all involved, especially to Eva Steward, who brought us all together, i.e. a diverse representation of the Body of Christ in every sector of society, for this memorable kairos time of igniting a new season of His Kingdom advancing in power all across the Earth from precisely where He has called each of us!

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