Living With EASE Meditations

renewing the body through sound

Living With EASE Meditations

I am excited to announce my new Youtube Channel Living With EASE Meditations. Living With EASE Meditations will be live recordings of spontaneous, Holy Spirit led instrumental EASE meditations in holistic infused frequencies. Each meditation will focus on a Scripture, be tuned to a specific holistic frequency, and includes instrumental psalming for 10-20 minutes. One or two new Living With EASE Meditations will be recorded and posted each week.

We are living in a culture inundated by negativity, anxiety, chaos, fear, division, highly charged emotions/opinions, intense schedules, and stress (all low resonating frequencies) impacting our health (body, mind, soul, and spirit), our relationships, and our overall quality of life. My Holy Spirit led holistic frequency infused instrumental Sound Therapy Music and new Living With EASE Meditation Series converges strategic frequencies, tunings, settings, Scriptures, creativity, and intention. You are invited to seek, encounter, and engage Holy Spirit and the highest resonating frequencies and attributes, realigning, recalibrating, resetting, and restoring abundant life, wholeness, peace, and rest.

Be sure to check out all of my holistic instrumental music available for sale on this website under SHOP PRODUCTS, at, as well as wherever digital streaming, i.e. Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Pandora, etc. is sold/available. Living with EASE Meditation #1 is in A 444 Hz tuning. The Scripture meditation is found in Isaiah 41:4, 10 and Isaiah 45:8, 22-24a TPT.

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