Integrated Bioenergetic Regeneration Therapy (IBRT)

Integrated Bioenergetic Regeneration Therapy (IBRT)



Integrated Bioenergetic Regeneration Therapy Practitioner (IBRT is IICT Certified)

Integrated Bioenergetic Regeneration Therapy (IBRT) incorporates muscle testing, energy release, nutrition, Holy Spirit led prayer, Scripture, and sound therapy. Numerous breakthrough client testimonials since embarking on this journey.
$100 Per 60-70 Minute Session.

Here’s what Dawn, North Carolina, 2020, has to say about my new ILP Sessions:

“Fantastic ministry. If you feel stuck and in a loop that never ends, Tammy may just have an answer for you. I highly recommend her as a professional minister. She is compassionate, professional, and full of wisdom. We are in a season of receiving back all that’s been stolen from us. Tammy could be a key to help unlock some of your hidden treasures/stolen identity/hope for the future.”

Video Testimonial from Betty, North Carolina, 2020 coming soon.

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