WAVES of EASE (Energy And Sound Expressed) is an exciting new holistic frequency infused Holy Spirit inspired instrumental album. This prolific new project culminated due to a March 2023 EASE challenge from a good friend and Kingdom creative, Allison Lewis, of tealpatrickart. Allison extended a 30 day Facebook challenge for the month of March to all Kingdom creatives. Her challenge was to CREATE and Release WAVES AS PRAYER into the quantum realm for 30 days consecutive days in agreement and alignment with how Holy Spirit is ALREADY moving in the midst of our nation.

WAVES of EASE was created as a declaration and release of the energy and sound of corporate ecclesia agreement with Holy Spirit’s momentum of love and answered prayers for awakening in this hour in which we live. Each instrumental track is just under 10 minutes in length, as requested by a number of holistic practitioners needing longer tracks for their ministries and practices. WAVES of EASE is strategic for healing, wholeness, and Scriptural meditation. 

WAVES of Energy And Sound

A wave represents motion, flow, and creative Holy Spirit power. A wave represents energy and sound expressed, frequency, color, and light. WAVES of EASE represents the disruption of dis-ease through the release of the EASE (Energy And Sound Expressed) of the atmosphere of Heaven; through the release of the rivers of living water flowing through our innermost being into the NOW. Along with the 30 day March challenge, WAVES of EASE was created to be EXPONENTIAL in ACTIVATING sons and daughters through the creativity of our Heavenly Father present in each treasured individual.

This creative new project is an intentional exhortation of inspiration and being stirred to greater love, expectation, and creativity! Each WAVE of EASE instrumental piece is a holistic, Holy Spirit inspired expression, decree, and release of what He revealed through me, His Psalmist, as I yielded to His leading on Earth as it is in Heaven for such a time as this! 

WAVES of EASE (Energy And Sound Expressed)
Sound Therapy
April 2023 Release
Tammy Sorenson (Copyright 2023)

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WAVES of EASE (Energy And Sound Expressed) Sound Therapy 
Song Titles, Musical Keys in Sound Healing Therapy Tunings

Copyright Tammy Sorenson/Sound Expressions April 2023
All Rights Reserved.
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  1. 174 WAVES of Goodness
  2. 285 WAVES of Stillness
  3. 396 WAVES of Lovingkindness
  4. 432 WAVES of Wholeness
  5. 417 WAVES of Devotion
  6. 741 WAVES of Shalom
  7. 444 WAVES of Encounter
  8. 432 WAVES of Restoration
  9. 852 WAVES of Gentleness
  10. 963 WAVES of Presence
  11. 639 WAVES of Delight
  12. 528 Heirs of Glory WAVES
  13. 528 WAVES of Majesty


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