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I Am Sound Sound Therapy Manual contains the lifetime Kingdom assignment of Dr. Tammy Sorenson. Sorenson’s journey began in Junior High Science researching the effects of music, i.e. tunings, frequencies, settings, musical keys, rhythm, and harmonies on people and plants. It has culminated in releasing extensive holistic frequency infused Holy Spirit inspired instrumental albums and working in Sound Therapy over the past decade. I AM Sound Sound Therapy Manual embodies practical applications learned from:

*Thousands of hours of practice on her instrument *Intensive and extensive study to show herself approved Biblically, scientifically, creatively, artistically, educationally, holistically, generationally, environmentally, mentally, emotionally, nutritionally, trauma, and *How each impacts the physical body and its ability to walk in abundant life.


Dr. Tammy Sorenson holds: A PHD in Practical Theology An M.A. in Music Education A B.A. in Piano Performance A B.S. in Vocal Music Education Sorenson is certified in: Sound and Healing Therapy VoiceBio Sound and Healing Therapy Integrated Bioenergetic Restoration Therapy Vibrational Sound Coaching Essential Oils Orff-Schulwerk Suzuki Piano Licensed as a Spiritual Health Coach and Is both licensed and ordained in the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies

Dr. Sorenson is a wife, mother of six (includes a set of twins and adopting a sibling group of three from Guatemala), a grandmother of two; A psalmist, worshiper, recording artist, songwriter, accompanist, teacher, home educator, author and speaker. Her years of teaching in: Public School Music Education Private and Group Piano Instruction Gifted and Talented Education Home Education Adoption Worship Ministry Children’s/Family ministry House of Prayer Ministry Along with: 44 Years of Marriage Releasing Nearly 50 Albums with 2 million+ Streams/Downloads Years of Working One on One with Sound Therapy Clients Intensive Trauma Counseling Training, and Living a Lifetime Purposefully and Intentionally for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth… Every component contributing to the many experiences and hands on practical application tools and activities included in I Am Sound Sound Therapy Manual. 

Content Details

Detailed lesson plans, along with both individual and group sound therapy sessions, specific to various age groups, are contained within the pages of this prolific for such a time hands on manual. As an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, Dr. Sorenson’s unique Kingdom ministry focuses on the intention of releasing and encountering the Presence of our Healer Himself for such a time as this!

I AM SOUND SOUND THERAPY MANUAL is now available: 1) as a pdf download or  2) as a thumb drive on this website under SHOP PRODUCTS (message me for pricing); or as a paperback through Amazon.


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