School of the Psalmists Course

School of the Psalmists Course




School of the Psalmists Course
Dr. Tammy Sorenson

*Course Requirements

A psalmist is someone with a heart after Father God’s own heart, i.e. love for the Father and His love for others, who has studied to show themselves approved; in Word and Spirit, and on their instrument of calling in order to play skillfully to and for Him through:

  • new songs
  • NOW songs
  • prophesying on their instrument
  • interceding on their instrument
  • Selahs

There is a clarion call in the Spirit for the Lord’s appointed psalmists to be awakened, equipped, activated, and released within the Body of Christ, the prayer movement, the worship movement, and majorly in the church. The time is NOW for a convergence of sons and daughters after Father God’s own heart playing skillfully to and for Him. Revival, Transformation, Reformation, Healing, Deliverance, etc. need the psalmists to arise; the Davids and the restoration of his tabernacle of skilled singers and musicians positioned on the walls to which they are called. The leading in my spirit and my heart’s desire is to use my years of walking intimately through extensive training with the Lord, along with my years of education and experience to equip a generation of psalmists who:

  • intimately know both the Word and the Spirit;
  • possess proficient musical and technical skills;
  • understand their unique role as psalmists in discerning revelation and releasing the atmosphere of Heaven to shift the atmosphere on Earth;
  • are in alignment with the love of our Heavenly Father in this NOW Kingdom age we have entered into; and
 walk in wholehearted love, devotion, and obedience in Christ.

An integral piece of my School of the Psalmists is to train up children skillfully on their instrument and to know Holy Spirit’s voice from a young age. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is generational, i.e. from the womb through the resurrected tomb. Therefore, no one is ever too young or too old to become skillful on their instrument and mature in intimate knowledge of Holy Spirit. His psalmists are called to both for such a time as this!

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