Vibrational Sound Session Phase I EVT Tuning Forks Session

Vibrational Sound Session Phase I EVT Tuning Forks Session


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Phase I Soma Energetics EVT (Energy Vitality Technique) Vibrational Sound Session

This Vibrational Tuning Fork Sound Session utilizes the Solfeggio Frequencies, i.e. Ut (396 Hz), Re (417 Hz), Mi (528 Hz), Fa (639 Hz), Sol (741 Hz), and La (852 Hz) Tuning Forks and incorporates the SomaEnergetics Phase I Energy Vitality Technique. Fruit of the Spirit stones and energy gateways terminology are utilized in place of chakras. Octave Shalom Tuning Forks are also applied in this Vibrational Sound Session.

Price: $50.00 Per 30-40 Minute Session

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