I Am A Good Idea! I Have A Gift in Me!

I Am A Good Idea! I Have A Gift in Me!

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I Am A Good Idea! I Have A Gift In Me! I Carry Gifts The World Needs!
Tammy Sorenson (Revised 2019)

Identity and Purpose Series

I Am A Good Idea!
I Have A Gift In Me!
I Carry Gifts The World Needs!

A colorful, creative and interactive paperback book about speaking life into children of all ages, and making a way for them to hear, know, and believe:

They are a good idea.
They have gifts inside them.
They carry treasures the world needs them to share.

For some, it might be music. For others, art or dance. For others, it’s writing, teaching, business or politics. Regardless of the venue, interest or skill area, everyone is a gift from our Heavenly Father, intentionally sent to Earth to be an expression of Him: a manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

Included in this book are prayers and Scripture that provide children with a worship language and a perspective for a lifestyle of worship.

Every human being needs to see their life as a container of priceless purpose and significance. I Am A Good Idea! unfolds foundational, life-giving truths that present practical revelation for empowering this generation to impact their individual spheres throughout life on Earth. Through these truths, each individual gains necessary understanding that:

My life matters significantly.
I have not been forgotten.
The Giver of every good and perfect gift has an infinite treasure of gifts made available to supernaturally flow through me, simply by receiving the gift of His love through Jesus Christ.

Each of us has been created with gifts and callings intended for expressing our Heavenly Father’s love through the treasures of Jesus Christ in us: to love Him and to love others. We have been created to reveal His glory and to accomplish His Kingdom purposes here on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Every individual has not only been created to carry a gift from God, but to also empower others, as they yield the expression of their gift(s) to the King and His Kingdom.

As individuals begin to discover and comprehend the truths of the treasures in Christ for themselves, others will be impacted and set free to carry the gifts within them. We need to go out, find, speak life into, love, and equip this generation, in order for them to rise up as the gift God intended when He sent them to live on the Earth. Natural and supernatural giftings are waiting to be discovered, identified, activated and released into the Earth because “the Kingdom is within you” (Matthew 17:21). When you seek Him you will find Him, and you will surely discover that you ARE a good idea! You ARE gifted for such a time as this!

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