Sound Expressions For Kids 2

Sound Expressions For Kids 2


Sound Expressions For Kids 2
Tammy Sorenson (2019)

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Sound Expressions For Kids 2 is my newest holistic frequency infused spontaneous instrumental CD release, and my second created specifically for children (and for parents/grandparents/teachers/caregivers) to incorporate into vehicle riding time, study time/homework, quiet/calming time, classrooms, creative time, nap/bed time, sleep issues, etc.. More and more people around the globe are realizing the need for shifting away from stress-filled atmospheres/busy schedules and toward holistic healing approaches. Much research indicates music as playing a significant role in that journey.

Sound Expressions For Kids 2 Song Titles, Scriptures, Keys in Sound Healing Therapy Tunings

Copyright Tammy Sorenson/Sound Expressions April 2019
All Rights Reserved.
Mixed by Jaran Sorenson
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  1. Wonderment – A 444 Hz
  2. Found – Ab 417 Hz
  3. Seeking First – C 528 Hz
  4. The Song-Filled Voice – Eb 639 Hz
  5. Ta-Da – F# 741 Hz
  6. Sent – Ab 852 Hz
  7. Overflowing – G 396 Hz
  8. Wonderment Reprise – A 444 Hz


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