Melodies of EASE

Melodies of EASE


Introducing my new Melodies of EASE (energy and sound expressed) Album available September 2023 on this website and on all of your favorite digital streaming platforms!

Melodies of EASE (energy and sound expressed) is a holistic frequency infused instrumental album intentionally created to calm, soothe, and release peace into the atmosphere specific to rest and healing with Scripture meditation. Spending time with Holy Spirit renews our bodies, minds, souls, and spirit holistically. Meditating on the Word in His Presence with holistic frequency infused Holy Spirit led instrumental music facilitates “prospering in all things and being in health, just as your soul prospers” (3 John 2). There is extensive research available scientifically, musically, physically, and spiritually to confirm the benefits of holistic infused music and daily meditation. There are numerous research studies specific to the impact of reading Scripture four days per week. The results reveal significant drops in loneliness, depression, bitterness, anger, alcoholism, watching porn, etc.. These results were even more significant when Scripture was engaged through a trauma-informed lens, of which I am engaged in being equipped. When combining the intention of Scripture, these revealing and hope-filled results , along with holistic infused Holy Spirit inspired holistic frequencies spontaneous new songs, the atmosphere of the Kingdom of Heaven is released to manifest on Earth. These pieces are perfect for morning or evening devotional time, to set aside time to rest, regroup, balance, calm, de-stress at home, in the work place, or in the car. Unlike “white or pink noise,” these instrumental holistic frequencies pieces include 174 Hz and each of the solfège frequencies to induce both a peaceful and healing environment for anyone of any age.

Melodies of EASE (Energy And Sound Expressed)
Sound Therapy
September 2023 Release
Tammy Sorenson (Copyright 2023)

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Melodies of EASE (Energy And Sound Expressed) Sound Therapy 
Song Titles, Musical Keys in Sound Healing Therapy Tunings

Copyright Tammy Sorenson/Sound Expressions September 2023
All Rights Reserved.
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Melodies of EASE

Psalm 139 (174 Hz)
Numbers 6:24-26 (444 Hz)
Psalm 23 (396 Hz)
Psalm 8 (417 Hz)
Psalm 31 (444 Hz)
Psalm 91 (528 Hz)
Psalm 33 (444 Hz)
Genesis 1 (444 Hz)
Psalm 63 (444 Hz)
Psalm 1 (444 Hz)
Psalm 25 (639 Hz)
Psalm 24 (174 Hz)
Deuteronomy 11:18-21 (741 Hz)
Isaiah 61 (852 Hz)
James 1 (444 Hz)
Psalm 150 (963 Hz)


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