VoiceBio and Psalming Ministry Testimonies

I have been truly blessed to do more and more VoiceBios/psalming ministry lately. Holy Spirit is all over this journey, and continually amazes me at how He identifies the resonant frequency areas in the human body that are being stressed or need building, simply through the human voice. He then goes above and beyond, revealing Scriptures and prophetic encouragement to minister in the needed and revealed musical key(s) through my fingers, my skills, and through my voice. I am receiving testimonies of emotions, thoughts, cycles, etc. that have been ‘stuck’ becoming ‘unstuck,’ restored and able to flow again. Generational bondage is being broken off and freedom in Christ is manifesting on new levels. People are finding His peace and are able to sleep again. PTL!

I continue to ask for His mantle to drive away tormenting spirits (like David), to ask for and search out frequencies through His blood atonement and in Holy Spirit Light for curing songs, as well as frequencies for tunings, colors, and His Kingdom nature and attributes. My call as a Prophet/Perceiver is to be a dwelling place of intimacy with the only One who Heals and Restores…a vessel He can pour out His healing balm, His love, His joy, His peace, His goodness, His kindness, His good and perfect plans through, however, whenever, wherever, and to whomever He leads or sends, bringing all glory unto Him alone!

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