Sound Expressions Live

I have researched for a number of years on frequencies, music, and their impact on the individual body; on shifting atmospheres in homes, classrooms, hospital rooms, businesses, senior housing, etc.. I play spontaneously, whether live or in a recording setting, utilizing purposeful frequencies, specific keys, timbres, and intention. Since the human body is able to respond to a much wider bandwidth of frequencies in a live setting, the frequencies where the human spirit actually discerns the intention within the music, the live setting profoundly enhances the impact of the music being released.

I am currently in search of those with an ear to hear, desiring to both teach and create live spontaneous music for the purpose of impacting/shifting atmospheres with peace, love, joy, calmness, gentleness, and intentional Spirit-led healing, all of which truly are specific frequencies, keys, and timbres. Stress, anxiety, worry, fear, and disease have stolen much from many. I am looking to connect with those in search of alternative, holistic solutions: individuals, families, schools, medical facilities, senior housing, assisted living, businesses, churches, and any other atmosphere needing to be shifted with the goodness of Heaven on Earth. Through a lifetime of music, education, training, research, and in raising a family gifted and skilled in the arts, I have endeavored to prepare for a convergence of giftings, skills, knowledge, experience, and passion on behalf of the generations. I am also a certified VoiceBio Sound and Healing Therapist, trained in VoiceBio software (*see for further information). Fees vary according to each request/session (*see

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