Sound & Healing Therapy Video Session with Both Music and Color

renewing the body through sound

Sound & Healing Therapy Video Session with Both Music and Color

I recently did a Sound and Healing Therapy session with Dr. Chuck Thurston. His VoiceBio revealed a need for G frequencies in his physical body. I also asked the Lord for a Scripture specific to Dr. Thurston’s needs. I was given Isaiah 11:2, specifically highlighting the words “spirit of wisdom.” I used Music Bible Writer software to convert the words ‘wisdom,’ ‘spirit of wisdom’, as well as the entire verse, from Hebrew to treble clef music notes. I was then led spontaneously by Holy Spirit to psalm over Dr. Thurston the following spontaneous musical clip, inserting the musical word ‘wisdom’ into the piece. While listening to and receiving his music ministry/treatment, Dr. Thurston first noted the snow falling peacefully and gently in the background. He was then led to watch his computer screen saver colors dancing as though they had been orchestrated specifically to the lyrics being sung and the music/frequencies being played. Click on the image below to check out my new Sound and Healing Therapy video session with both music and color.

The spontaneous lyrics being sung:

Father, we need Your Spirit of Wisdom
Father, awaken, let wisdom flow
Flowing into Your Kingdom plans;
Flowing into the calling that we have.
You’ve called Your servants to be vessels of Your healing touch.
This requires Wisdom that only You can give.
Awaken, awaken, the Spirit of Wisdom
Let It flow like a fountain
Through the pen, make the Plan.
Reveal the frequencies we’re searching for,
Reveal the Plan we’re searching for…

Copyright 2014 Sound Expressions/The Arts Expressed/Dr. Tammy Sorenson