New Sound and Healing Therapy CD Release: BEHOLD!

renewing the body through sound

New Sound and Healing Therapy CD Release: BEHOLD!


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New Sound and Healing Therapy CD Release entitled, BEHOLD, out just in time to celebrate the Christmas season and the One we behold! Consider giving the gift of sound and healing therapy music to your loved ones or to someone in need of encountering the Healer. Available NOW on this website under SHOP PRODUCTS, at, at under SHOP (hard copy pricing). Also available on CD Baby, Apple iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and wherever digital music is sold.

*BEHOLD Album Notes
All songs copyright 2014 Tammy Sorenson/The Arts Expressed/Sound Expressions

This sound and healing therapy CD is a Holy Spirit alignment for body, soul, mind, and spirit. Hebrew titles are melodically transcribed and interwoven spontaneously within each piece, and targeted sound and healing therapy tunings, frequencies, settings, and keys intended to renew, refresh, and restore. We become what we behold. BEHOLD and encounter the One who is the same yesterday, today, and eternally. BEHOLD Him and encounter His presence through Holy Spirit led sound and healing therapy music.

My newest and best sound and healing therapy CD yet: BEHOLD. This CD is a Holy Spirit alignment for body, mind, soul, and spirit. I am in awe of my Heavenly Father, my Redeemer, and my Teacher; of His limitless creativity pouring forth, touching and aligning the depths of my innermost being with all that He is as only He can. With each sound and healing therapy recording assignment, He increases who He is within me, leading me to encounter His beauty, His peace, His immensity, His rest, His breath, and His healing touch in the depths of my soul on behalf of others being immersed in a unique encounter of all He desires to be for them. I heard Him intimately and specifically speak of His nature and His character from the place of BEHOLDING, as He wove and intentionally led me through the melodies and chord progressions of each unique and spontaneously recorded piece in my spirit ears via my fingers. I am speechless, humbled, and deeply thankful.

Sound and Healing Therapy Specifics
This is the Hebrew year of 5775: the year to see through the window of Heaven with Heaven’s eyes. The alphabet letter HEY is a literal word picture meaning to BEHOLD. Holy Spirit gave me specific names and attributes of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for the purpose of beholding. I then transcribed those titles with my *Hebrew Music Bible Writer software into treble clef notation. The melodic notes for each title became the spontaneously woven framework for each uniquely created piece. I had several dreams concerning three tuning frequencies, which were confirmed by research that have also been incorporated into this CD for sound and healing therapy purposes: 444, 528 and 417 Hz. The remaining frequencies were determined by including a piece for each of the 12 tones keys for sound and healing therapy targeted to best impact body, mind, soul, and spirit. Both equal temperament and pythagorean tunings were used, determined by the keyboard settings for each piece. The listener is led through a journey of beholding via Hebrew melodic transcriptions of the titles, tunings, frequencies, keys and settings, the depths of the nature of Elohiym as Creator God, the essence of Love Himself, Yeshua as Redeemer, Righteousness, Healer, and Restorer, Holy Spirit as Teacher, Comforter and Guide, seeing through Adonai’s Eyes, and the Spirits of Might, Counsel, Knowledge, Awe, Wisdom, and Understanding (Isaiah 11:2; Revelations 1:4-5).

We become what we BEHOLD, therefore, this CD is intended to be an encounter with the one true living God, Elohiym; with the name who is above all names, who is worthy of all praise, Yeshua; with Holy Spirit and all that He is; and with the Restorer Himself. May the listener be abundantly blessed through this alignment for body, mind, soul and spirit as you BEHOLD!

I) Elohiym: Key C, A 444 Hz = 528 Hz
II) Yeshua: Key B, A 444 Hz
III) Holy Spirit: Key Bb/A#, A 444 Hz
IV) Behold: Key A, A 444 Hz
V) Righteousness: Key Ab/G#, 417 Hz
VI) Awe of Adonai: Key G, 379 Hz
VII) My Eyes: Key Gb/F#, A 444 Hz
VIII) Spirit of Might: Key F, A 444 Hz
XI) Spirit of Counsel: Key E, A 444 Hz
X) Spirit of Knowledge: Key Eb/D#, A 444 Hz
XI) Spirit of Wisdom: Key D, A 444 Hz
XII) Spirit of Understanding: Key Db,/C# A 444 Hz
XIII) Restoration: Key C, A 444 Hz