Sound & Healing Therapy Psalmists Rising Up!

I recently had an online Sound & Healing Therapy session with a client. Prior to connecting, Holy Spirit gave me a Scripture from which I was psalming in a specific key in preparation for the client’s needs, as I had prayed for in advance of the session. The client and I connected for nearly two hours. I ‘heard’ the Scripture spot on – thank You, Holy Spirit! However, the psalming piece did not go as smoothly and as easily as it usually flows for me. When the session was over, I was preparing my client’s CD and notes to mail off, when I noticed a specific key had been overlooked, due to some technical distractions throughout the session. If only I had simply stuck with what Holy Spirit had revealed prior to the session! I had been psalming in the exact key I had overlooked prior to the session! Things would have gone much more smoothly and been even more effective if I had simply began where I had left off. We are all a work in progress, however, I am learning to not ‘second guess’ what Holy Spirit reveals to me on behalf of those He connects me to/with. I hear His voice very clearly, and His wisdom trumps technology every time! To cover the oversight, I sent along an extra track in the needed key, as I know Holy Spirit is able to cover that as well!

Our Sound & Healing Therapy session also ended up being a psalmist connection, revealing that more and more psalmists being called up to the holistic field of sound & healing therapy. The vision and the passion Father has placed within each of us was confirmed, stirred, and encouraged throughout the session. We serve an awesome Father, King, and Kingdom!!!

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