Music and Miracles

Charisma magazine recently published an article that supports spiritually, Scripturally, scientifically, and naturally what both of my websites and ministry, The Arts Expressed and Sound Expressions, are all about. The King of kings is the reason I psalm; He’s the reason I record; He’s the reason I teach; and He’s the reason I write. Why? Because His desire is to set free anyone and everyone held in bondage to anything less than His perfected wholeness – body, mind, soul, and spirit. I share the article to encourage and inspire other psalmists and musicians who being equipped in their journeys to skillfully and wholeheartedly keep praising, worshiping, and standing in His glory. Our Healer absolutely desires to set the captives free, and for such a time as this, He desires to use His psalmists and musicians who intimately know Him and the immensity of His love for all, supernaturally empowering their gifting and their skillsets! Enjoy “Miracles Happen When She Plays the Violin” below!

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