Music Used For Holistic Health and To Boost Intelligence/Creativity

renewing the body through sound

Music Used For Holistic Health and To Boost Intelligence/Creativity

I have been researching for an upcoming teaching/ministry week and noticed a previous article (referenced below) pertaining to doctors prescribing music therapy. Music therapy was a big part of my graduate work and I have been utilized as a member of a medical treatment team specific to children on this journey. I happened to note this very article recently circulating on Facebook, website, Instagram, etc., originally posted on my very first website ( back in 2016. Love confirmation in the midst of the journey! I also included some very interesting research links from a post on my website pertaining to holistic health and wellness, increased intelligence, and creativity. Enjoy!

Music Being Used For Healing

Doctors Now Prescribing Music Therapy for Heart Ailments, Brain Dysfunction, Learning Disabilities, Depression, PTSD, Alzheimers, Childhood Development and More

How much more powerful and effective when the music is intentionally Holy Spirit led with Scripture meditations, Sound Healing Therapy tunings, settings, keys and frequencies. Check out our SHOP PRODUCTS at Sound Expressions or the SHOP Page at for a wide selection of Sound Healing Therapy Holistic Frequency Infused Instrumental Albums recorded specifically to shift atmospheres for encounters with the One true Healer Himself! Listening samples are included! Also available on Apple iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Spotify, and wherever digital distribution is available!

Research Confirms Studying Music Can Boost Your

Child’s Brain Power and Creativity

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I have been studying the impact of musical study since graduate school. Research confirms musical study at an early age impacts intelligence. Research confirms gifted and talented individuals studied music from an early age (see Suzuki instruction – I am certified and taught this methodology to our own children beginning in their preschool years. As adults, they now play and sing professionally in the music industry).

Start 2018 off right by enrolling your children in the study of a musical instrument. Research studies reveal the immense and numerous benefits of studying a musical instrument, especially on the brain in early life, throughout the school years, and throughout adult life as well. There is no better instrument to challenge all ages in facilitating all other musical and educational study than the piano/keyboard. Give your children the boost they need to succeed throughout their educational years! Give yourself the boost you need to further enjoy music, serve in your church and community, and enhancing your own brain power!

Enroll in piano lessons now! Don’t have a piano teacher near you? Online instruction absolutely works! Need instruction uniquely designed for your child as opposed to traditional instruction? I specialize in this area, having developed my own methodology to facilitate and develop the creative student.  Contact me for more information via this website!

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