Psalming and Sound Healing Therapy

renewing the body through sound

Psalming and Sound Healing Therapy

July has been an abundantly blessed and exciting month of ministry travel as His Kingdom psalmist, psalming Sound Healing Therapy in both Texas (Gold Monarch Healing Center) and Florida (Happy Spot Studios Melissa Worcester Art Exhibit). No photos are taken when meeting with clients in order to protect their confidentiality, however, a few photos were taken at the art exhibit. My husband is also a psalmist and we have flowed together since college. I was also able to have a table with sound healing therapy information, my sound healing therapy holistic frequency infused instrumental CDs, books/curriculums, and our new Fragrant Sounds (with Scent of Life Australia) product line.


In this new season, I find myself meeting a plethora of amazing people along the journey. I am truly humbled, honored, and immeasurably blessed to be a Kingdom vessel on behalf of each and every one. I love that Holy Spirit led me to get certified in Sound Healing Therapy, VoiceBio Sound Healing Therapy (now called Voice Harmony Analysis), and Essential Oils Coaching to provide strategic and specific tools that augment and intertwine with my years of music education/degrees/experience, musical gifts, theology degree, and Holy Spirit led intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father, my Lord and King, as I eternally mature from glory to glory; all converging on behalf of each and every individual He sends me to/sends me.

Holy Spirit reveals through each client’s voice print (physical and emotional), and confirms a NOW word in Scripture (musically included), His musical plan to be combined with various sound healing principles of tunings, temperaments, settings, musical keys, and intention. The result is co-creating a Spirit-led spontaneously recorded holistic frequency infused instrumental piece specific and unique to each client, including couples and families. Having played piano since preschool, written Spirit-led worship songs since junior high, in conjunction with all of the training and experiences my Heavenly Father has ordered over the years, all uniquely converge for such a time as this in response to a prayer I prayed years ago: “Father, I ask for David’s mantle to drive away tormenting spirits from those held captive from walking in Your freedom.” In response, He confirmed that Holy Spirit is always the strongest resonating frequency in any room, and all lesser frequencies have to come into alignment with Him or flee (quantum Law of Resonance). I go where He sends me to AND I am here in the mountains of North Carolina for those He sends to me.

My album assignments are all Holy Spirit led and strategically specific with regard to intention, tunings, temperaments, settings, frequencies, and Scripture (His Word never returns void and ALWAYS accomplishes what He sent it to do). A modern day Kingdom psalmist whose heart is after her Heavenly Father’s heart, just as David’s was, is who I am. He created me to be His worshiper. He created me to release on Earth as it is in Heaven, His unique gift and call of music – the sound He placed in, on, and through my life specifically on behalf of others. He created me to co-create with Holy Spirit in the power of Christ on behalf of whoever He sends me to/sends me. What an insurmountable blessing to be His daughter, His David, His Esther, His Deborah, releasing His Kingdom come, His will be done, in the power and glory of Jesus – never by power or might but by His Spirit!

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