Through Sound and Light

renewing the body through sound

Through Sound and Light

In order for the lost, sick, broken, and needy to encounter Holy Spirit and ALL that Jesus, Yeshua, Messiah gave His life on behalf of, Believers must cease from judging the hearts of others/each other. There is only One who truly knows the hearts of man (irregardless of how spiritually gifted/prophetically discerning we are, we only see IN PART). We must yield that exalted perspective to Him alone! Our role on Earth is to eternally BE His light – BE His sound – of love, encouragement, exhortation, and comfort. Holy Spirit does the rest! Father, awaken our walking out this eternal truth NOW!

There is a better, life-impacting, fruit filled way, through the Sound and the Light of the atmosphere of Heaven on Earth manifesting NOW through the Father’s sons, who seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness 24/7.

What If?
by Eric Johnson
from ‘Create’

A doodle destroyed a stronghold
A sketch secured a dream
A paintbrush procured passion
A sculpture could intercede
Drama released His power
Dance released His love
Poem displayed His beauty
Photos expressed life above
Knitting knit people together
Cross stitch crossed race barriers
Quilting created a carpet & croche helped kids feel secure
Drawing drew people to Jesus
Puppets placed purpose in hearts
Woodworking would work out division
Paper mâché gave head starts
Folk songs brought families together
Ballads brought time for a cure
Musicals made known the issues
Worship songs melted down fears
Set design set up the seeker
Script writing wrote out the way
Film making filled up the aching
Movies gave vision to strays
Commercials could start minds to thinking
Half time shows had altar calls
Rock stars read verses to thousands
Movie stars chose God to awe
Millions entered the Kingdom
The harvest brought in by the arts
Souls saved healed delivered for Jesus
I say ‘Yes, Lord! Let me do my part!’
Creativity, Lord!

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