Reset, Realigned, Restored, and Restrung

renewing the body through sound

Reset, Realigned, Restored, and Restrung


Sometimes in life, we simply need a #reset #realignment #restoration #restringing #secondchances

I absolutely believe with the beliefs of the Son in the beliefs of the Father this is what Holy Spirit led sound and healing therapy is about and will be increasingly used for as we move forward in the Kingdom of Heaven manifesting on Earth: resetting, realigning, restoring, and restringing that which attempts to pull us out of sync or distract us from our Heavenly Father’s heart. Similar to chiropractic adjustments purpose to keep our physical spines in alignment, Spirit-led, Word directed, blood covered sound and healing therapy sessions through Father’s Light directed intention dispel the ‘tormenting spirits’ and the ‘dis-ease’ from our thoughts, emotions, spirits, and physical bodies. Where the enemy attempts to hinder us from being in alignment as Light in Motion in the Body of the Son will be restrung to vibrate in harmony with the frequencies of Heaven’s atmosphere! I was encouraged by a call from someone in Ohio yesterday confirming this, as well as by recent photos capturing and activating ‘blue rods of light’ being activated, sharing in my previous Blog post, as well as under Testimonies on this website.

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