New Upcoming Sound & Healing Therapy CD Release: KEY EXPRESSIONS

renewing the body through sound

New Upcoming Sound & Healing Therapy CD Release: KEY EXPRESSIONS


KEY EXPRESSIONS Sound & Healing Therapy CD Pre-Release Date: March 31, 2016
CD Full Release Date: April 9, 2016

My upcoming CD Release, KEY EXPRESSIONS, combines strategic tuning, Solfege frequencies/syllables, 12 different musical keys, the frequencies of colors, and of the Word (Isaiah 11:2) with spontaneously Holy Spirit led instrumental psalming to impact every resonant frequency area of the body.

In preparation for recording this sound & healing therapy project, I was prompted to connect strategic Solfege syllables, frequencies, keys, colors, and Isaiah 11:2. The project laid out with the following revelations:

* Solfege & Tuning for Ut (396 Hz) Re (417 Hz) Mi (528 Hz) Fa (639 Hz) Sol (741 Hz)
  La (852 Hz), Ti, 174 Hz, 963 Hz
* Keys of C, C#/Db, D, D#/Eb, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab, A, A#/Bb, B
* Colors of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Blue, Indigo, Purple
* Scriptures of The Spirit of the Lord, Spirit of Wisdom, Spirit of Understanding, Spirit of
  Counsel, Spirit of Might, Spirit of Knowledge, and Spirit of the Fear of the Lord.

Holy Spirit strategically aligned each of these details prior to recording. Additional Scriptures pertaining to sound and healing for meditation for this project include: Psalm 52:8, Isaiah 49:7-9, Psalm 16:7, Isaiah 44:4, Ecclesiastes 3:1, Isaiah 58:11, Luke 7, 1 Corinthians 12:8-10, Deuteronomy 30:19, Isaiah 63:9, and 1 Samuel 16:7. Each Scripture is listed in the order of the pieces on the CD.

I dedicate to every precious person who is walking through affliction and in need of good news; wounded and in need of being healed; held captive through confinement or condemnation, in need of release; imprisoned and in need of freedom; mourning and in need of comfort; disheartened and in need of joy. I release this project in the power of Yeshua’s blood, His name, His Word, His Spirit, and His Light to manifest justice on behalf of the downtrodden on the Earth for such a time as this (Isaiah 61:1-3). I also dedicate this project to our adopted grandmother, Alice Nelson, who on this CD release date is celebrating her very first birthday in the presence of her Heavenly King.

Available to pre-order NOW on this website Store under the SHOP PRODUCTS,  at under SHOP. March 31, 2016 Pre-Release Date and April 9, 2016 Release Date on CD Baby, Apple iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and wherever digital distribution is available.

Copyright Tammy Sorenson/Sound Expressions
April 2016
All Rights Reserved
Mixed by Jaran Sorenson
Jewel Case Design by Jadan Advertising And Design

Song Titles

Spirit of Adonai
Awe of Adonai Restored Spirit Lead
NOW Time
Spirit of Power
Spirit Heal
Spirit Breathe
Father You Are Holy

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