Awaken Your Journey Summit

renewing the body through sound

Awaken Your Journey Summit

I will be presenting on Day 2 of the upcoming, Awaken Your Journey Summit: Quantum Healing Technologies to Activate Spirit, Soul, Body Wellness, with host Mary Oliver. In this 10 day FREE online interview series, beginning September 14, 2022, you will learn from so many gifted people on the quantum healing technologies they use to improve the wellness of their patients/clients. Flower Essences, Theta states of healing, energy centers, elements of life, voice analysis, micro-circulation, the truth about Solfeggio Frequencies, Sound Healing, Rife technologies, Nervous system, Light, Coaching and Prayer, and much more!

Many are curious about frequencies. “How does frequency really work and how do I apply it to my own wellness?” We are all used to popping pills for quick relief, taking a supplement or gulping down some kind of green drink or cleanse without realizing that the body is going to convert that to usable energy.

Awaken Your Journey Summit Drawings and Give Aways

Awaken Your Journey Summit: Quantum Healing Technologies to Activate Spirit, Soul, Body Wellness, speakers will offer discounts and experiences for you to understand the beautiful design of energy technology that comes from our Creator. For those who attend my session on Day 2, September 15, 2022, a drawing will award one attendee an online VoiceBio Sound Therapy Session. I will also give away five of my Sound and Healing Therapy album downloads to the first five people who contact me using my website email Contact Form.

Cells and Energy

Each cell in our body has mitochondria and that is the energy producing organelles in our cells that generate the chemical energy needed in our cells to power up the biochemical reactions. Mitochondria are responsible for the storage and transmission of ATP in every cellular exchange. Many of today’s health challenges begin in these organelles.

All of life is an energetic exchange. We are all made up of atoms suspended in ether that create molecules which form cells. You have over 300 trillion cells in your body. These cells form tissues, muscles, organs, ligaments, veins, arteries and everything else in the human body.

Quantum healing is energetic healing. It’s measurable. It’s frequency. Energetic healing by-passes the gut and is delivered directly to the atoms, molecules and cells of the human body. I believe the frequencies of many healing therapies have the blueprint of the DNA for healing according to God’s design for our human bodies.

Awaken Your Journey Summit Access

Get access to this amazing FREE EVENT beginning on September 14th right now! You can register using this unique link: Awaken Your Journey Summit: Quantum Healing Technologies to Activate Spirit, Soul, Body Wellness. My session is on Day 2, September 15, 2022. Hope to see you there!

Below is the turquoise orb I reference in my session with Mary Oliver on Day 2 of this amazing event!

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