EASE for the Nations

renewing the body through sound

EASE for the Nations

SEPTEMBER 27th, 2022! New EASE for the Nations Holistic Frequencies Sound Therapy and Intercessory Instrumental album release! This exciting new album is a Holy Spirit download assignment, releasing the heartbeat of Heaven on Earth for the Nations. Energy And Sound Expressed (EASE) manifest the frequencies, the creativity, and the intention of the assignment.

Visions, Notes, and Dreams

I received a profound vision while driving home from a conference in early summer. Upon seeing the cover design in the Spirit, I instantly and clearly heard the assignment of creating and releasing EASE for the Nations. This was to be my first recording album in this new land in which I find myself living. David Munoz, who designed my CD jewel case cover, was amazingly able to capture and create what I had seen in the vision.

I sought Holy Spirit regarding the holistic frequencies, settings, tunings, and nations and, writing down detailed notes. On the day I was to begin creating and recording, Holy Spirit spoke to me regarding a specific nation as my starting point. I inquired about the frequency and instantly received my answer. I went to my detailed notes, only to discover that very nation and frequency, moments from receiving Holy Spirit instruction, was already aligned in my notes. This is where my EASE for the Nations journey began.

The following morning, I suddenly awakened from a dream by hearing in my spirit two short clips of two familiar public domain songs. Holy Spirit then spoke, “I have give you the bookends. Now go create the recording and I will fill in all the rest.” This detailed instruction gave birth to the second piece. Needless to say, each piece, each setting, each tuning, each frequency, each intercessory heartbeat experienced on behalf of every nation included on this EASE for the Nations album was nothing short of supernaturally astounding!

September 27, 2022 Release

It is with profound excitement, passion, zeal, and delight, for such a time as this, i.e. when the entire Earth is groaning, EASE for the Nations will release on September 27, 2022. EASE for the Nations will be available on this website under SHOP PRODUCTS and at tammysorenson.com, as well as wherever digital distribution is available (search Tammy Sorenson on Spotify, Apple, Pandora, YouTube, Amazon, etc.).

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