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renewing the body through sound

The Healing Journey and Calling of His Psalmists

A difficult life’s journey causes one to intensely search out wisdom, and true wisdom can only be found in the fear of the Lord (Proverbs 1:7, 9:10, Psalm 111:10). Supernatural, divine wisdom is needed not only for the path currently traveled, but for direction regarding the path ahead, and lessons learned from what lies behind.…
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Sound and Healing Demonstration Video with Dr. Chuck Thurston

Click on the image below to view a live sound and healing discussion demonstration with Dr. Charles Thurston of Science and Wonders and The Body Codes, and Dr. Tammy Sorenson of Sound Expressions. This video explains some of the scientific, Biblical, and musical aspects of sound and healing, and includes a spontaneous live music segment derived from VoiceBio results,…
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Expressing Grace

It’s February, and as I write from Minnesota, it’s snowing…again…six more inches. This year winter has been long and hard, not only in the natural, but in this season of life many find themselves in. Snow is a prophetic reminder of our Heavenly Father’s grace covering the Earth. February has been a significant month for…
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