Coming Soon: School of the Psalmists

renewing the body through sound

Coming Soon: School of the Psalmists

This year is the year for me, as Sound Expressions, to write, video, & audio tape a School of the Psalmists. Both online instruction and hardcopy will soon be available for purchase. The leading in my spirit is not only to use my own unique identity, giftings, skills, revelation, training, knowledge to release the atmosphere of Heaven on Earth through the blood of Christ and in Holy Spirit Light (renewing the body through sound), but also to use my educational background to equip a generation of psalmists with wholehearted devotion, revelation, & skills, i.e. to understand their unique role as psalmists in bringing the atmosphere of Heaven to Earth in this Kingdom age of restoration. Some of the key points to be developed, imparted, & released in this school will include:

1) We are created to live the appointed time we have each been given to walk the Earth in His Story in intimate, restored fellowship with Elohiym, our Creator, through the blood of Christ shed at Calvary as Savior, Redeemer, & Restorer, in the power of Holy Spirit as Teacher & Comforter.

2) The Kingdom within us is all about maturing in sonship, walking in our Christ-centered identity, favor, & authority, releasing Heaven’s atmosphere on the Earth.

3) Each of us is created with spiritual grace gifts in the DNA of our personalities, both primary & complimentary grace giftings, with which to co-labor along side others in His Body, for the purpose of releasing the glory of Heaven on Earth.

4) All that we are, all that we have, is through our Father’s grace & for His eternal purposes here on the Earth.

5) Identity in Christ awakens us to mature sonship through discipleship, equipping individuals after God’s own heart with intimate revelation & knowledge of the Word Himself.

6) Understanding our lives, our giftings, skills, calling, & resources are not our own, but rather, His, to be stewarded intentionally & purposefully for the glory of our King & the advancement of His Kingdom on Earth.

7) Practicing technical facility daily, developing a comprehensive knowledge of theory, musical keys, & frequencies, as well as demonstrating expressive musicianship, are keys to releasing Heaven’s atmosphere on Earth.

8) Demonstrating skill of the comprehensive musical knowledge, in order to bring freedom & spontaneous flow in one’s ability to follow Holy Spirit leading wherever He leads in the psalming journey.

9) Understanding how to technically pull from the keys the tone required melodically & harmonically is strategic, as is a working knowledge of correct fingering & sustain pedal application. (This is also applicable to guitar, voice, etc.)

10) Understanding how to flow from piece to piece, verse to verse, whether melodically or harmonically, is strategic.

11) Understanding frequencies & musical keys in intimate relationship with Holy Spirit as conductor releases His healing Spirit through us in a multitude of ways.

12) Age is irrelevant, however, the longer one has played with a lack of understanding of key technical & musical elements, the more perseverance & persistence will be required to overcome old/incorrect habits.

Isaiah 61 is always the goal: others, i.e. individuals, families, regions, or nations, being set free from whatever holds them in bondage.

Look for specific details on my new School of the Psalmists to come as details are revealed & completed!