Salt & Light

renewing the body through sound

Salt & Light

One literally has to be an ostrich with its head in the sand to not ‘see’ what’s going on in our nation and worldwide at this juncture in history. A family, a community, a nation, nor a world divided against itself will not stand. We currently have many in leadership throughout many areas of society with an agenda to further divide rather than to unify, as they absolutely, intentionally, and purposefully understand the principal of division. Multitudes have been completely blinded to the actual agenda behind the words and actions of strategically important leaders in our great nation. We are on an accelerated track to approaching forks in the road that will force three possible outcomes on every single individual and family. For the sake of simplicity, I will refrain from expounding on the real issues behind what is manifesting in our natural, material realm, only to say, it truly is a vivid picture of the battle transpiring in the spirit realm:

Path 1) Continue on as ostriches in our busy, hectic, and over scheduled, all-consuming self-centered lives, oblivious to and disinterested in all that’s actually transpiring, until intensely forced by the manifestation of specifics at a juncture not too far off, to make frantic and desperate choices in the midst of being overcome by darkness. Path 2) Rise up or continue on (depending on where you currently stand) as a naysayer, critically seeing all of the manifested negatives and creating even more negatives with words and actions that are in agreement with all that’s coming against us in the clash between the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness playing out right before our eyes on media everywhere, coming to a city near you, while giving in to defeat as the darkness overcomes. Path 3) Choose to get actively involved with an eagle’s perspective concerning the times we now live in – seeing from Heaven’s perspective – as opposed to the negative and evil increasingly invading the Earth daily – and releasing it into our atmospheres, actively creating hope against hopelessness, faith against fear, and love against hate, with each breath of our existence. This is the only choice in which the Light will overcome, not only on behalf of our individual families, but also on behalf of nations. Followers of Christ are to overcome evil with His goodness. We are called to overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony. We are called to arise and shine, trusting His glory to manifest in, on, and through us. We are called to contend this battle with supernatural spiritual weapons of warfare that confound the human mind: worship, intercession, prophetic decrees, and demonstrations of who He is in all of His infinite love, mercy, and goodness. Period. We have an enormous task facing us in this hour, but remember to Whom we belong, and remember that for Him, nothing is impossible! There has never been a more urgent hour to be Salt & Light!

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