Ears to Hear at Q2C

renewing the body through sound

Ears to Hear at Q2C

I absolutely know that Holy Spirit is all over this. At our Q2C Annual Gathering this past weekend, there was a demonstration time of activating Holy Spirit led intercession over one of our attending members. Nothing was verbally shared about what was being battled in the physical body, nor did I know the individual. The individual and the group surrounding was way across the room where I could not directly observe what was transpiring. I therefore asked Holy Spirit what key I was to be His vessel through at the keyboard, settings, etc. (the tuning was already A 444 Hz) and quickly received, “You haven’t played in the key of ‘F’ yet.” So ‘F’ it was throughout the intercession time. At the end of the evening I inquired about specifics, only wanting to know from a sound & healing therapy perspective. The key of ‘F’ it was to the ‘nth’ detail of what was manifesting as the battle. Holy Spirit is incredibly amazing and wisdom Himself. We only need to listen for His leading and then follow. There will be numerous opportunities for this creative path in the new season we have entered. All glory to the Creator and Healer alone!

Photos: 1) Tammy and Kevan Sorenson/Sound Expressions, leading Holy Spirit-led Spontaneous Worship and Accompanying Holy Spirit-led Activations and Intercession at the 1st Annual National Q2C (Qualified to Conquer) Rendezvous in Bloomington (Normal, not-so-normal anymore), Illinois, September 25-27, 2015; 2) the entire Q2C corporate pool during teaching led by Jim Chose of DayChief Ministries, the Lead Eagle of Q2C in our beautiful Marriott Hotel hall; 3) Jim (Lead Eagle) and Faith Chose (White Eagle Who Sees Holy) of DayChief Ministries (on the left), our gracious hosts and Q2C leaders, along with Grace Broussard of Reapers International. Thank you to Sandra Vait for four of the photos!




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