Great Testimony To New Sound Expressions For Kids CD

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Great Testimony To New Sound Expressions For Kids CD

This testimony arrived today regarding my newest CD Release, Sound Expressions For Kids…so awesome I had to share!

“Wow! I’ve been trying to put my toddler down for a nap for the past 20 minutes and she wasn’t having it. Eyes wide open, playing with her hands in the air…all that. I was playing the usual lullaby album she likes and falls asleep to, but nothing. Then I remembered the new Sound Expressions For Kids CD I got and played it. Not kidding, two minutes later she was out; she literally zoned out two minutes after I started playing the CD! It was magical! Even my brain felt the difference in the music. The other music felt like raindrops bouncing off my head and the second I put yours on my brain felt like it was getting a massage. That was pretty cool! You’ve got something there!”

Jocelyn from Minnesota

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