Latest Testimonies Of Various Sound Expressions Music Assignments

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Latest Testimonies Of Various Sound Expressions Music Assignments

Every now and then it’s refreshing and encouraging to post what others are hearing and saying with regard to the spontaneously recorded Holy Spirit CD assignments released through Sound Expressions – testimonies are always to the glory and witness of Jesus on Earth as it is in Heaven! I have included a variety sampling below:

“I just finished listening to the CD “Fragrant Expressions” and just had heaven piped into my house and heart!!!!  And now I have the “Into Me See” CD on and am working while worshipping. Unbelievable heaven sent music you are producing. You are rock stars! …only God and the waterfalls are to be thanked. Also, WE LOVE YOUR KID’S MUSIC!!!  Thank you for that gift of rest throughout our home.”
North Carolina

“Thank you so much for your lovely worship healing music!!!!!!! Absolutely lovely! I was searching Spotify for healing frequency music and – oh dear found lots of new age – but one of your tracks was suggested and it had Yeshua in the title! I was so happy to find you had created so much wonderful music I can listen to and feel peaceful knowing it is made to glory God! I am in Australia and before I was awoken by the Holy Spirit I sang heavy metal. God made new plans for me so I don’t do that at present. Praise Jesus Christ may He guide you to reach many in healing!”

“Wow! I’ve been trying to put my toddler down for a nap for the past 20 minutes and she wasn’t having it. Eyes wide open, playing with her hands in the air…all that. I was playing the usual lullaby album she likes and falls asleep to, but nothing. Then I remembered the new Sound Expressions For Kids CD I got and played it. Not kidding, two minutes later she was out; she literally zoned out two minutes after I started playing the CD! It was magical! Even my brain felt the difference in the music. The other music felt like raindrops bouncing off my head and the second I put yours on my brain felt like it was getting a massage. That was pretty cool! You’ve got something there!”

“Undoubtedly, you are one of the finest spiritual keyboardists of this new century – may your heart song be heard in every corner of the world and every supernatural sphere of Heaven!! Your music is truly Heavenly and so very healing!”

“Thank you very much, Tammy. We had a wonderful time yesterday, and we came back to our hosts last night and played our ‘new songs’ for them.  They are very interested in this. Listening again to the music, I’m even more impressed by how beautiful it is.  As well as healing.  And listening to my husband’s!  It is such a mysterious thing, I can’t explain it, but it is so him. So thank you again.  We’re so excited about this — it’s the best anniversary gift we could have given one another!”
Steve and Lorrie
North Carolina

“We have a homeless individual staying with us. At night we always put your music on kind of loud. It calms dogs down, too! The first night the individual was at our house she said she slept so deeply and felt so refreshed. She said the music was saying, “Come back to me” over and over. That Sunday she asked to go to church with us and rededicated her life to God. She asks every night to put the music on. We play a variety of your CDs (they have them all). The first night we had on your latest music, Fragrant Expressions. We all love your music!!!”

“As I sit here with my earbuds in, absorbing the beautiful music you made for me, I am overwhelmed by what a beautiful gift you have been given and how grateful I am…Thank you! Three of us are coming soon, as my friends want their own song 🙂 I listen to mine all the time, never tire of it!”

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