New Sound Healing Session Soaking Music

renewing the body through sound

New Sound Healing Session Soaking Music

New Sound Healing Session Soaking Music
From the client: Cassandra Dunham

“I had the most amazing encounter today, in the spirit with Tammy Sorenson’s Soaking session. PLEASE, listen all the way through.

This is very, very high level prophetic gifting through sound. Grab a pillow on the couch or bed, lay back and encounter Heaven….The presence of God is so full, it’s like being awakened and brought from sleep into his bosom. It starts very slowly. Wait til you see where you go. Tammy, may the fragrance of God’s love be exposed all over the internet, through the gifting he has given you, to pull Heaven to earth…Glory to God!

Please soak in this incredibly anointed music . Set time aside. It starts off very very slowly. Wait until you see where you go….I for one, am buying every CD of Tammy’s that I can!

PS…..if you are seeking to grow in the Kingdom and to receive the seer anointing from God….I tell you, this is the place to start for sure.”

Sound Healing Session Soaking Music In A 444 Hz

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