New Video: HOW DID WE GET TO HERE (and how do we get to where we need to be)?

The frequencies of beautifully anointed artwork and words inspiring perspective for difficult times. This video includes many of our family’s acrylics, pencil sketches, and graphic design, perfectly depicting the lyrics to a passionate original song relevant to those seeking answers for such a time as this. The audio track is from an instrumental CD of the book’s lyrics and is included in the back cover – available at The Arts Expressed, on Amazon, and on Kindle. The audio track is also available at Sound Expressions on Sorensons’ Sound & Healing Therapy CD, Salt & Light, (recorded in A 444 Hz tuning), entitled I AM, played at 741 Hz. Music, Lyrics, and Art Work Copyright 2012, 2016 Tammy Sorenson, The Arts Expressed, and Sound Expressions.

Copyright Tammy Sorenson/Sound Expressions January 2016
All Rights Reserved.
Audio Mixed by Jaran Sorenson
Book Design and Jewel Case Art by Jadan Advertising And Design
Art Copyright Jadan Sorenson and Jenna Sorenson

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